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Ontario Popping Co.

Ontario Popping Co. Pop-A-Cob


Ontario Popping Co. (Uncle Bob's) is a Family Owned Business from Ontario serving gourmet popcorn!

With four varieties to choose from, popping pop corn was never more fun! Bag supplied to pop the pop a cob; or place in micro -popper and have the experience of seeing the popping corn pop off of the cob!

Shamu Blue
* Great colour. This popping corn is rich in taste, pops up large and fluffy. Also tested and proven to contain anti-oxidants. Sold straight on the cob!

Strawberry Red
* Very attractive in colour. Pops up very white with a red centre. Has a very crispy texture and a delicious flavour.  Sold straight on the cob!

* Enjoy the chewy, creamy texture of this butterfly variety. More of a fragmented hull. Very pleasing to the palate. Sold straight on the cob.

White Cloud
* Very white colour. Rice variety type of popping corn. Has a mild flavour, very crisp and even texture. A true hull-less variety. Slightly smaller pop. Sold straight on the cob.

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Ontario Popping Co. Pop-A-Cob