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Gravelbourg Mustard

Gravelbourg Mustard


*This punchy, versatile whole grain mustard, has been crafted with crisp Gluten-Free Canadian Lager. What can you pair this mustard with, just about anything!

French Style
This classic dijon is smooth, vibrant and adds the perfect tang to sandwiches, vinaigrettes and sauces. An absolute staple in your mustard arsenal.

*This rich earthy mustard is a true chameleon. It has never met a protein that it didn’t like, and it is the perfect secret ingredient to your baked foolin!

This grainy, savoury mustard is abounding with hot, peppery notes. It’s distinct spiciness adds bite and pop to meats and cheeses, sandwiches and salad dressings.

Honey Dill
This light, creamy mustard is the superb fusion of luscious Saskatchewan harvested honey and fresh herbaceous dill. Makes a great addition to dips and dressings and pairs well with fish and chicken.

*This mustard is bright, lively and sweet. Chock-full of Saskatchewan grown Saskatoon berries, this little jar promises big flavour! Makes the perfect partner for poultry, vinaigrettes and soft mild cheeses.

Savoury Dill Pickle
This mustard has so much flavour and will quickly become a favourite!

Smokin Barbecue Style
This boisterous, brawny BBQ mustard is bold, smokey and will do ALL the heavy lifting on the grill. This sauce is jam-packed with flavour and will make your grilled meats sing!


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Gravelbourg Mustard