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Butter Lettuce Salad with Buttery-Garlic Breadcrumbs

• 3 tbs. Barrel Aged Champagne Vinegar
• ½ cup UP Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• 1 tbs. Tarragon Infused White Balsamic
• 1 teaspoon whole grain mustard
• Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper to taste

Buttery-Garlic Breadcrumbs:
• 4-5 pieces of leftover baguette sliced
• 1 tbs. Black Garlic & Ginger Infused Olive Oil
• 1 tbs. Butter Infused Olive Oil
• Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper to taste

• 1 large head of butter lettuce washed & torn
• 1 cup Gordal Olives stuffed with Garlic, coarsely chopped
• ½ cup Manchego cheese, freshly grated
• Freshly cracked black pepper to taste

Prepare the vinaigrette by combining the tarragon white balsamic with the champagne vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper. Whisking constantly, drizzle in the Ultra-Premium Olive Oil. Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.
Prepare the breadcrumbs by placing the slices of baguette in a food processor; pulse until you achieve coarse crumbs. Mix the Black Garlic and Ginger Infused Olive oil with the Butter Infused Olive Oil and toss with the breadcrumbs. Heat a skillet over medium heat and toast the breadcrumbs, stirring often, until golden brown.
Season with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, to taste. Set aside to cool completely.
To Serve
Toss the butter lettuce with the well-whisked vinaigrette until evenly coated.
Place on the serving plate then top with chopped olive, cooled breadcrumbs and grated Manchego cheese.
Finish with freshly cracked black pepper, to taste.

Recipe from Veronica Foods

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