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Salts from The Salt Cellar


Flavoured salts to enhance the flavour of meats, potatoes, salads and more!

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The Salt Cellar – Flavoured Salts

Hand harvested, unrefined sea salts. No additives or preservatives. Gluten free. Store in a cool, dry place.

Holy Smoke (80g)
Lavender (85g)
Lime Pepper (110g)
Black Truffle Sea Salt (45g)
Canadian Bacon (110g)
Smok’n Guns (110g)
Chipotle (110g)
Himalayan Pink Salt (205g)
Lime, Habanero & Celery Seed (160g)
Sweet Onion & Bacon (100g)
Bambino Taco Blend (110g)
Yakima – Applewood Smoked (80g)
Roasted Garlic (100g)
Mais Oui (100g)
Exotic Peppercorn Blend (65g)
Black Garlic (40g)

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Bambino Taco Blend, Black Garlic, Black Truffle Sea Salt, Canadian Bacon Sea Salt, Chipotle Sea Salt, Exotic Peppercorn Blend, Himalayan Pink Salt, Holy Smoke Sea Salt, Lavender Sea Salt, Lemon Dill, Lime Pepper, Lime, Habanero & Celery Seed, Mais Oui, Roasted Garlic, Smok'n Guns Sea Salt, Sweet Onion & Bacon, Yakima – Applewood Smoked


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