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Arbequina EVOO


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Mild Intensity

*Crush Date: November 2020

ThisCalifornia Arbequina has a creamy almond center and delicate pepper notes on the back end. This is a great baking oil, perfect for confectionary applications.

*Biophenols:  236.9 ppm                          *FFA: 0.28

*Oleic Acid: 63.8                                       *Peroxide: 83.8

*DAGs:  88.9                                            *PPP: <<1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness:  5.0  Bitterness: 2.5  Pungency: 2.8  

*As measured at the time of crush. Country of origin:  USA

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60 ml, 200 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml


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