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About Olea

Co-owners, Brigitte & Amanda


2018 SCBEX Start Up/New Business of the Year Award

About Us

OLEA Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room was established in October of 2016. Co-owners, Brigitte Price and Amanda Leibel, were looking for a new adventure and when Brigitte visited an oil and vinegar tasting room in Manitoba, she knew that may be it!! After intense research and reviews, Brigitte and Amanda began the process of opening a small business and OLEA was established.

OLEA (oh-lee-ah) was chosen as the business name as the olive tree is a notable member of the Oleaceae family of plants.

OLEA Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room offers a variety of over 50 different flavours of oils and vinegars to sample and choose from. The OLEA experience allows customers the opportunity of a tasting tour through the store to sample the many flavours of oils and balsamic vinegars. Upon completion of the tour, the customer may choose from four different bottle sizes which will be freshly filled with the flavour of their choice.



Although OLEA is just embarking on this new venture, the supplier of the oil and vinegars, Veronica Foods, has been around since 1924. Veronica Foods is a family run business based out of Oakland, California that truly began focusing on oils and vinegars in the mid 80’s. At this time the company focused on the discernible differences in flavour, function, and durability by tasting and comparing oils from different regions and countries without the benefit or handicap of knowing where the oils were produced. They tasted the best oils produced from Australia, Chile, California, Argentina, France, Greece, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and Syria. There is great diversity in olive oil styles throughout these countries.

In 1997 Veronica Foods purchased their own olive grove in the North African country of Tunisia to build an olive oil mill for testing and evaluating the methods of olive oil producing they found in the regions of the world that were previously toured. Here they produce the finest conventional olive oil, organic olive oil and fused whole fruit citrus olive oils. In addition, they present many varieties of oils and vinegars from small regional mills.

Based on Veronica Foods high standards for ultra-premium oils and vinegars, OLEA decided they are the prime choice to supply our business with these products. 

Mission Statement

OLEA Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room is focused on delivering a variety of great tasting and affordable ultra-premium oils and vinegars to southwest Saskatchewan. As customers enter OLEA they will embark on a tasting tour of the many oils and vinegars available and are able to purchase their favourite individual and/or pairings of products in four bottle size options.

The OLEA experience is guaranteed to keep customers coming back for alternate pairings or to refill on that favourite pair!




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Olea Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room

140 Central Ave N Swift Current, SK S9H 0L1 | +1 306-773-0503 | OLEA@oleaoil.ca Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM | Saturday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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